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Event at the Yale Center Beijing

On 21 August 2021, Dr. Rothlin was invited to join the event, Social Responsibility in the Age of Climate Change: Personal, Corpoerate and Global, organized by Yale Center Beijing. 

Training seminar on "Cross-cultural Business Negotiation"

Beijing Rothlin Ltd. partnered with University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to offer two training seminars focused on "Cross-cultural Business Negotiation" to the China Oilfield Services Limited in October and December 2020. 

The Macau Ricci Institute Symposium-the Development of a New Economic Paradigm

On October 15 and 16, 2020, the Macau Ricci Institute Symposium at the Ilha Verde Campus of the University of Saint Joseph gathered 27 presenters to address a most fundamental question of our shared life on this planet, namely, the Development of a New Economic Paradigm, that all might flourish.  The presenters shared their expertise and experience to answer this question and to contribute to the work of The Economy of Francesco streaming conference, scheduled for Assisi, Italy, in November 2020.  27 presentations were made, with many of them done digitally from remote locations outside Macau, as well as in Europe, North America, Australia, and the Philippines.   Besides acting as host for the symposium, and chief organizer, Dr. Rothlin contributed a presentation to the symposium, “Triggering Change of the Economic Paradigm through Institutions of Education.”  Besides acting as moderator for sessions on both October 15 and 16, Dr. Dennis McCann contributed a presentation to the symposium, “The Principle of Subsidiarity and the New Paradigm of Economics.” The intent of the symposium was to join with the voices of so many advocating new solutions to the sufferings caused by the contemporary economic paradigm. Our challenge in drawing together concepts and ideals for the New Economic Paradigm and sustainable models of economy was to ground thoughts in the realities of our time and to identify thought and action towards the goal of economic transformation. 

Future Business Leader Conference

Future Business Leader Conference organized by Christ Youth Action in Hong Kong
2021-02-26 international workshop international workshop Beijing office joined the International workshop from 28 to 30 August 2019 in Geneva. Here is a potential opportunity for both Foundation and us to integrate applied ethics in higher education and corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices sustainably into the Chinese business environment and to create win-win CSR strategies.

Cultural Traditions and Corporate Philanthropy within the Belt & Road Initiative Workshop

Cultural Traditions and Corporate Philanthropy within the Belt & Road Initiative Workshop A Cultural Traditions and Corporate Philanthropy within the Belt & Road Initiative Workshop in collaboration with Konrad-Adenauer Foundation, Minzu University was held in November 2019. The Corporate Philanthropy Handbook, developed by Rothlin Ltd, was formally announced during the workshop.


November 23rd, 2018: Macau Ricci Institute Symposium 2018: Dennis McCann, Director of Research, presented a paper titled, “Islamic Business Ethics: An Appreciation.  December 3rd, 2018: World Business Ethics Forum: Dennis McCann, Director of Research, presented a paper titled, “Christian Faith and Ethics: Measuring its Impact on China’s Business Practices”


August,2018: Launched: MOOC 5 on Cross-Cultural Negotiation

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