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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has moved from the periphery of business concerns to the center of discussions about what it means to be a responsible enterprise in the 21st century.  The practice of CSR has also evolved from being primarily about corporate philanthropy – giving to charities – to being about the development of safer and healthier products and services, as well as about solving social problems in and through one’s own competitive advantages and core competencies.  In short, CSR has become increasingly strategic and aligned with the legitimate objectives of a business.


Rothlin Ltd. sees the practice of CSR as involving three overlapping and reinforcing dimensions: the cultivation of personal virtue on behalf of leaders and decision-makers, the fulfillment of the legitimate obligations that a business has to its stakeholders, and the management of the external, and ever-changing circumstances in which a business finds itself.


Together, these dimensions inform Rothlin Ltd.’s approach to developing the capacity for CSR in its clients; an approach which is rooted in the tradition of virtue ethics, and applied in terms of international business ethics.  Given its experience in and focus on China and its East and Southeast Asian neighbors, Rothlin Ltd. sees CSR as being worked out in a cross-cultural context.  


Rothlin Ltd. is available to work with clients in developing a robust capacity for strategic CSR, we provide the following consulting services to our clients:

 CSR report writing

 Stakeholder engagement

 CSR initiative

 Ethics management


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CSR policies are meant to demonstrate the firm’s commitment to good citizenship.  It is committed to the common good and implement policies that support a sustainable environment, by offering its expertise and other resources to civic groups to help them define and address local environmental problems more effectively.


Investing in sustainable and environmentally friendly operations is not only good business, but smart business. The limits imposed by working in a world of finite resources should be looked at as an opportunity for limitless and infinite innovation.


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