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Corporate Philanthropy Project and Consulting Services

The Corporate Philanthropy Research Project (CPP) was designed to assist corporations in their philanthropic activities particularly in China in the hope of enhancing a spirit of true friendship between persons in China and corporations engaged in philanthropic activity in this part of the world. Our focus therefore is on understanding the relationships that can sustain corporate philanthropy in China.  From this point of departure, we have investigated the many challenges that are likely to be faced in attempting to live with integrity in these relationships.       


A Corporate Philanthropy Consulting Service will be organized in the coming year in response to the findings from the Corporate Philanthropy Project.  It will contain two aspects:


i. General Orientation: consulting and coaching on the cost-efficiency and financial transparency of philanthropic activities

ii. Specific Initiative: Cancer as an Opportunity, which will become the first comprehensive intervention designed specifically to meet the needs of cancer survivors experiencing anxiety and depression, as they struggle with their illness.


The consulting service aims to provide a four-fold value to our partners:


i. It will inspire a deeper solidarity and collaboration between foreign and Chinese organizations.

ii. It will disseminate information about best practices in philanthropic activities, and benefit both donors and recipients to achieve win-win outcomes.

iii. It will nurture the growth of Chinese philanthropy and standardize its accountability practices in compliance with the law.

iv. It will benefit both cancer patients and medical professionals, seeking to understand the spiritual and existential dimension of disease treatment and recovery. 
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Handbook for Corporate Philanthropy in China





Based on original research conducted by Rothlin Ltd’s staff throughout 2015 and 2016, our initial hope was to investigate three interrelated questions:


(1) How can philanthropic giving by business corporations, both foreign and domestic, achieve the optimum sustainable benefit to Chinese civil society?

(2) How can corporations measure and assess the degree to which their philanthropic objectives in China are met?

(3) How can a program of corporate philanthropic giving be encouraged and sustained in China?

We learned that the key to sustainable corporate philanthropy lies in the quality of the donor-recipient relationships, how these are cultivated and managed, how trust and genuine reciprocity are sustained even through the difficulties that inevitably will arise as their interactions unfold. In our handbook, we hope to distill what we’ve learned, to enable both local and foreign NGOs to develop sustainable relationships in service to the people of China, while remaining fully compliant with the new laws that China has promulgated to ensure this outcome.


Handbook for Corporate Philanthropy in China                                                                                                      



Part I: The Signs of the Times

Chapter 1: The Spirit of Chinese Philanthropy: Then and Now

Chapter 2: Philanthropic Activities in China: Then and Now

Chapter 3: Key Concepts: Charity and Philanthropy, Corporate Philanthropy, and Corporate Social Responsibility

Chapter 4: The Challenge of Doing Philanthropy in China

Part II: Chinese Law and Compliance for Charities and other Philanthropic Institutions

Chapter 5: Charity Law of the People's Republic of China (March 16, 2016)

Chapter 6: Law on the Management of the Activities of Overseas NGOs within Mainland China (28 April 2016)

Chapter 7: Compliance Issues and How to Manage Them

Part III: Exercising Leadership in Chinese Philanthropy

Chapter 8: The Wisdom of Experience: Striving toward a Proper Alignment

Chapter 9: The Wisdom of Experience: Avoiding Preventable Mistakes

Chapter 10: Why not construct an Index of Corporate Philanthropy? Why Focus Instead on Cultivating Confucian Virtues?


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