Director of Research

Dennis P. McCann

Dr. Dennis P. McCann is Professor Emeritus of Agnes Scott College, Atlanta/Decatur, Georgia, USA, and Faculty Fellow in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Silliman University in the Philippines. For over 30 years he taught business ethics in the United States. He has been involved in research, lecturing and teaching business ethics in China and South East Asia for the past 15 years. Dr. McCann is particularly concerned with identifying culturally appropriate teaching materials for Asia, based on his ongoing research in the fields of philosophy and religious studies. Dr. McCann was the founding Director of the Case Studies Institute at the Center for International Business Ethics in Beijing (2012-2013) and was formerly the Director of Research and Development at the Hong Kong America Centre (HKAC) during his Fulbright year (2005-2006). He also was Visiting Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion, Hong Kong Baptist University (2006-2008). Dr. McCann served as Executive Director of the Society of Christian Ethics, the premier academic association for professors of religious ethics in the United States (1996-2001). He is the author of several books and dozens of scholarly articles, and most recently the co-author, with Prof. Lee Kam-hon and Ms. Mary Ann Ching Yuen, of Christ and Business Culture, published in 2013 by Chinese University Press in Hong Kong. Dr. McCann has lectured at universities in Hong Kong, China, India, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.