On 14 December 2023, Rothlin Ltd, along with the Macau Ricci Institute, The University of Saint Joseph, The Yale Center Beijing, Hanns-Seidel Foundation, Korea Innovation Center, Swiss Chamber of Commerce, co-organized a workshop on the topic: RESPONDING TO CLIMATE CHANGE: THEORY AND PRACTICE.

 The Swiss Ambassador to China Jürg Burri and the German Ambassador to China Dr. Patricia Flor, as well as Dr. Stephan Rothlin, Director of Macau Ricci Institute of the University of Saint Joseph Macau, Dr. Sebastian Eckardt, Practice Manager of Macroeconomics, Trade and Investment in the East Asia and Pacific Region at World Bank, Lars Eckerlein, General Manager of ABB China, Jung-Sik Kim, Professor of School of General Engineering at Beihang University, Shiqiu Zhang, Professor of Environmental Economics at Peking University, and Jörg Wuttke, Vice President & Chief Representative of China at BASF (China) Company all delivered speeches on different perspectives of climate change. Aound 70 participants showed up at Yale Center, and another 65 participants joined online.